Name: Ai Myoujin
Debut: Manga Volume 1, Anime Episode 1
Birthday: Unknown
Sign: Unknown
Age: Unknown (probably 14 years or younger)
Eye Color: Orange
Height: Unknown
Status: Sentouki

Midori Arai (Sacrifice)



Ami Koshimizu

Danielle Tittalotti

Ai Myoujin ((明神 愛 "Myoujin Ai) is the female member of the Breathless pair. She is the Sentouki and partner of Midori Arai.

They are the very first enemies Loveless must fight. Ai and Midori are sent by Ritsu Minami to bring Ritsuka to Septimal Moon, however, they failed.

Breathless later appears in volume 6, where they welcome Ritsuka at the Seven Voices Academy.

Ai once gave Youji Sagan a band-aid for a cut on his face. When Yoji thanked her later on, Midori seemed to get jealous.

In an extras chapter, Ai and Midori discussed the need for English. They decided that they would have a wedding in Hawaii.

Ai anime

Ai Myoujin as she appears in the anime