Bloodless unit

Bloodless is the spell unit of sacrifice Hideo Yamamoto and fighter Yurio. Bloodless finishes their battles without any bloodshed, which is where the name comes from. Bloodless has the ability to tap into people's worst fears and make them witness scenarios based on said fears. They have the ability to trade places as fighter and sacrifice in battle. Their abilities in battle may also effect people nearby.


  • Yurio is not the original fighter of Bloodless. He was sent to replace the original fighter, Maiko, who was killed by Nisei Akame
  • Kaidou Kio has noted that while Yurio doesn't seem to mind Hideo, Hideo absolutely hates Yurio
  • According to Nagisa Sagan, Hideo hates fighters with names that are different from their sacrifices
  • Hideo's name appears on his shoulder, but Yurio's appears on his face; where it had been carved by Hideo himself