Tokino Fujiwara (Fujiwara Tokino) is the Sentouki of Moonless and first introduced in volume 10.

Usually very friendly and calm, he gets easily upset when it comes to his Sacrifice Mikado Gomon. He is described as physically not very robust. He also seems to be narcoleptic, although the Viz Media translation implies that Tokino may have some illness that drains his physical strength.

During one breakfast, Tokino reveals that he approached Faceless to gain information about Seimei's whereabouts. When Mikado questions the trustworthiness of Faceless's reputation, he explains he paid them enough money for them to provide accurate information. Tokino also states that he hates Seimei, and will kill him for what he did to Mikado.

His attacks seem to be based on illusions—his battle area resembles a palace court.

Despite the fact that he is the Fighter, he seems unable to handle the idea of his Sacrifice being injured in battle.

Tokino also seems to enjoy pampering Mikado, as seen by his treatment of her during mornings and in the booklet Perfect Days, where he not only is seen to be choosing her shoes for Mikado, but also asserting that he will take care of any stains on white shoes (allowing her to chose from a larger selection) and persistently asking storekeepers for comfortable sole padding and the like. 


  • Mikado states that Tokino cannot sleep unless he is on her lap.
  • Flowers bloom while he sleeps.
  • Tokino uses an iPhone. His case is striped, and contains the letter "T" within a heart.
  • He doesn't use an umbrella, despite the pouring rain.
  • Natsuo panicks when Ritsuka tells him that he is with Tokino, and warns Ritsuka to flee before being caught in Tokino's mind games.
  • Tokino was curious about Ritsuka's and Soubi's age difference, stating that "If [you two were] more than ten years apart, I would think it wouldn't work out."
  • He prepares a large breakfast parfait for Mikado; the peaches were bought from Sembikiya, where fruit costs mount up to approximately $20.
  • Mikado calls Tokino her "undefeatable knight."
  • Mikado also called Tokino "fussy and stupid."