Hideo Yamamoto is the Sacrifice of the Bloodless Team.

Hideo has a grudge against Septimal Moons. He completely hates sacrifices with names different from his own name.

After Hideo's original fighter, Maiko, was killed by Nisei, he was paired with blank fighter Yurio. Hideo hates Yurio and carved his name onto Yurio's face.

During the battle with Soubi and Ritsuka, Yurio and Hideo swapped places. Ritsuka noticed this.

Their name bloodless indicates that there will no blood involved in the fights. Instead, bloodless tries to damage the opponent through physical damage

Name: Hideo Yamamoto
Debut: Manga Volume 10



  • Its implied that Hideo beat Yurio at some point.
  • Bloodless's name appears on the shoulder