Loveless team

Loveless is a spell battle team consisting of Aoyagi Ritsuka, younger brother of Seimei Aoyagi, and the former Beloved sentouki, Agatsuma Soubi. Loveless is the main protagonist team in the Loveless series .

Background Edit

In 2002, former Beloved sentouki, Soubi Agatsuma, confronts twelve year old Ritsuka Aoyagi. He claims that Ritsuka must become his sacrifice by the orders of Ritsuka's late brother Seimei Aoyagi, the infamous Sacrifice of team Beloved. In becoming Soubi Agatsuma's sacrifice, they form the team Loveless.

Loveless overcomes numerous attempts to sabotage the team's virtually unbreakable bond. During the pair's active years, Loveless defeats Breathless, Sleepless, Fearless, Bloodless, and two generations of the Zero Project.