Name: Mei Hotarubi
Debut: Manga Volume 5
Birthday: Unknown
Sign: Unknown
Age: Unknown (probably 13 or younger)
Status: Sentouki
Relations: Mimuro (Sacrifice)
Seiyū: N/A

Mei Hotarubi (蛍火 名 "Hotarubi Mei") appears first in the manga in volume 5 and is the Sentouki of Fearless. Mei is described as even younger than Ritsuka. She is actually a girl despite her boyish appearance and is very new to being a fighter unit so her word spells are weak.

Fearless was sent by Nisei Akame to fight Soubi and Ritsuka as a distraction while Nisei went to talk to Ritsuka's mother. Mei has a crush on her Sacrifice Mimuro and hates the way Nisei treats him. She wears her long hair under a cap, because she thinks that Mimuro is attracted to boys and would like her better that way.

Mimuro wants their style of fighting to focus on the offensive, rather than defense. But Mei uses defense spells, because she doesn't want Mimuro to be hurt. Fearless has their names on the backs of one of their hands.