Moonless is a Spell battle team that is affiliated with Septimal Moon.


Moonless consists of Mikado Gomon as the Sacrifice and Tokino Fujiwara as the Sentouki.  Moonless benefits when there is no moon in the sky; the two state "In the absence of the moon, we are the strongest."

Their defensive power is estimated to be zero, although their attack is estimated at ten. If they are to be attacked, according to Mikado, they can not defend themselves. (This statement proves to be untrue, as Mikado is capable of creating a defensive shield by merely expressing her faith in Tokino.) Their battle area consists of illusory curtains, rose petals and slanted floors. The Sacrifice herself sits on a throne, while her Fighter stands behind her.

They seem to live together in an apartment building, with Tokino taking care of chores.