Nakahira is a young man who still retains his ears and first appears in volume 6. Nakahira lives with Chiyako, the old woman who allowed Seimei to stay at her home to hide from his colleagues.

Nakahira seems protective and respectful of Chiyako, and is suspicious and distrustful of Seimei . Nakahira owns a cat, named Shirokuro, who gives birth to four kittens. When told by Siemei that the cat would eat her young before allowing someone to take them away, Nakahira is plainly disgusted. Seimei usually refers to him as "Nakahira-san".

Although he is a little hostile towards Seimei, Nakahira generally has a passive way of treating people, and would rather allow his opponent to attack first in a fight than him initiate the attack.