Name: Yamato Nakano
Debut: Manga Volume 3, Anime Episode 8
Birthday: Unknown
Sign: Unknown
Age: Roughly 17
Status: Sacrifice
Seiyū: Yumi Kakazu

Yamato Nakano (中野倭 Nakano Yamato) is the Sacrifice of the female Zero pair. In contrast to Kouya Sakagami's solemness, Yamato has an outgoing, vivacious personality. Their relationship is the focus of a mini-story arc in Volume 4.

The relationship Yamato has with Kouya is a passionate and dedicated one that becomes unexpectedly stressful for Yamato in volume 4. Her marking, which she interprets as physical proof of her relationship with Kouya, slowly fades without warning. In a blatant reference to the homosexual nature of their relationship, both girls' markings -- a 0 with a line through the middle -- are on the same place: their breast.


  • Yamato and Kouya are the only two notable lesbian characters in the Loveless series.
  • Yamato along with Kouya are the first Zeros.
  • The Sagan brothers often refer to Yamato and Kouya as "Grandmas" despite the fact that the do not appear even remotely elderly. This is probably because they are the 1st Generation of Zeros. As a result, they view the 1st Generations as old since they are outdated.
  • Even though the English dub refers to characters' full names in the order of given name 1st and surname 2nd, Yamato still refers to herself as "Nakano Yamato" instead of the other way around.
  • Yamato appears again in a recent chapter. In this chapter she meets up with Natsuo.

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