Natsuo Sagan


Also Known as:
Manga: Volume 2
  • Anime: Episode 6
Eye Colour:
*Youji Sagan (Sacrifice)
Mitsuki Saiga
English Dubber:
Ashley Crist

Natsuo Sagan (奈津生 Natsuo) is the Sentouki (Fighter) of the Zero (Male) pair. He is one of Nagisa Sagan's experiments, and presumably the second generation of the Zero project . He is the Sentouki of Youji Sagan (who is also a Zero). Natsuo and Youji are infamous for their unwillingness to follow rules as well as their sadistic pleasure in witnessing people struggle and suffer. He makes his first appearance in Volume 2/Episode 6, when he and Youji attempt to rape Hitomi Shinonome. Upon nearing the attempt to rape Hitomi, Soubi Agatsuma thwarts their efforts and challenges them to a battle without the company of Ritsuka Aoyagi, his Sacrifice. Despite the pairs requests/recommendations for Soubi to contact his Sacrifice, he stubbornly refuses claiming he could defeat them without his Sacrifice's aid. Natsuo and Youji ultimately corner the now weakened yet unmoved Soubi and start to physically torture him to the point that they attempt to nail his hand to the ground in order to persuade him to admit defeat. Upon nearing possible triumph over him, Soubi casts a spell on the Sagans which changes the battle areas climate close to Absolute 0 which lowers their body temperatures to almost fatal proportions. Soubi then reveals his knowledge of Natsuo and Youji's defect, being that Zeros cannot survive in cold climates. As a result, the Sagans are left with no other option than to forfeit the battle and admit defeat in fear of dying in the harsh climate. When Soubi wins the battle, Natsuo tells him that he and Youji have no place to return upon losing a battle. Soubi offers to let them live at his apartment with Kio Kaidou, and the Sagans warily accept unwilling to return to Nagisa fruitless. Natsuo and Youji promised to care/serve Soubi and Ritsuka, and in return, does nothing to harm them. Throughout the remainder of the series, Natsuo and Youji take on roles as protagonists who occasionally aid Soubi in various tasks and errands.


  • It was revealed in chapter 91 that Natsuo stabbed himself in the eye to see if he could feel pain.
  • In chapter 85, he and Youji enrolled at the same school as Ritsuka and they are now classmates.
  • Soubi used a spell so that Hitomi will forget that she have met them before. (Although it was only because of Nagisa's request that he did it so as not to cause problems because of what they did to her at their first meeting.)

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