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Saotome Nana (also known as 7) is a female technician at the Seven Voices Academy. She is known as being Nagisa Sagan's one and only friend. There are signs that Nana is a hikikomori as she almost never leaves her computer. She is also one of the few active members of the Septimal Moon.

Nana is the first member that contacted Ritsuka in order to help him. She was the one that sent a message to him through Sleepless. Ritsuka talks to her a few times in the MMORPG Wisdom Resurrection. She also gives him a good luck charm later.

Nana loves to eat snacks, because she states that she can't gain weight no matter what she eats.


  • Nana has complexes because of her breast size. That is why her character in Wisdom Resurrection has much larger breasts than her.
  • Yun Kouga stated that she has light blue hair.

    Nana, sitting in her office.