Septimal Moon is a mysterious organization that was believed to be involved with the alleged murder of Seimei Aoyagi. The only way to get to Septimal Moon is through Seven Voices Academy. Each seat is hereditary, and can only be passed on if the former member dies or retires.

Septimal Moon is the organisation behind Seven Voices Academy, and gathers Fighters and Sacrifices there to form Units and train in Spell Battles, including young children and teenagers. It is taught at Seven Voices Academy that Fighters are to be controlled by their Sacrifices, accounting for the attitude of many Units. Nagisa Sagan, a scientist and surgeon, has artificially created the Zero Units and so it seems research is another function of Septimal Moon.

The names of the Septimal Moon seats are as follows:

  • Aoyagi
  • Chouma
  • Minami
  • Gomon
  • Sagan
  • Kunugi
  • Saotome


Former Members Edit

  • Seimei Aoyagi

Trivia Edit

  • Septimal is an adjective meaning "seventh", in this case meaning "seventh moon".
  • Due to the large number of unofficially translated variations of the manga and anime, the name of the organization has been up for debate on whether it is known as "Septimal Moon" or "Seven Moons"