"A mother can do things you can't even imagine."
Shiro-Kuro is a black and white cat from Chiako's household. She gave birth to 4 kittens underneath the house in Volume 6.

Shiro-Kuro's litter of kittens is her first. Both Chiako and Nakahira were worried about her health and absence during her pregnancy.

Nakahira makes the rude remark to Shiro-Kuro, who is hiding her kittens away under the house, "Have you forgotten who raised you?!"

Seimei then informs Nakahira that if Shiro-Kuro believes her kittens will be taken away from her, she will do unspeakable things. Seimei says she will kill and eat her kittens if she feels they are endangered. Nakahira calls Shiro-Kuro a beast. Seimei remarks that this is real love.


Shiro-Kuro and her kittens.

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A happy mother with her playful kittens.

  • Shiro-Kuro's creative name refers to her black and white colored fur.