Name: Yayoi Shioiri
Debut: Manga Volume 2, Anime Episode 3
Birthday: Unknown
Sign: Unknown
Age: 13
Eye Color: Blue
Status: N/A (Not Sentouki/Sacrifice)



Jun Fukuyama

Michael Yeager

Yayoi Shioiri (塩入弥生 Shioiri Yayoi) is a classmate of Ritsuka Aoyagi. Yayoi is thirteen years old. He is shown as being socially awkward and with low self-esteem, and feels great jealousy towards Ritsuka. Yayoi admits that he loves Yuiko Hawatari, but when he confessed to her he was rejected. Yuiko claims her reason was that she only dates boys taller than her, but the truthfulness of that statement is called into question when it is painfully obvious she loves Ritsuka, who is just as short as Yayoi. Despite his jealousy of Ritsuka's close friendship with Yuiko, he is encouraged by Ritsuka's adamant claims that their relationship is purely platonic. He makes a firm statement he will not give up on Yuiko, and spends more time with her than ever. It is notable that in the manga, Yayoi has a rather small role. He is absent for large parts of the story, and has only a small amount of dialogue. In the anime, they utilized his character much more to enhance the would-be love triangle of Yayoi + Yuiko + Ritsuka, and to inject comic relief into a dark story.


  • Yayoi Shiori is a part of the band club at his school.
  • It is also insinuated in volume 1 that Yayoi has asthma as a classmate asked Yayoi if he needed his inhaler after seeing that Yayoi was short of breath. Yayoi himself also says that he has "poor physical health" when compared to Ritsuka.