Yonojounan Elementary School

A glimpse of Yonojounan Elementary School, as it appears in the manga

The school most often shown in the anime. Ritsuka transfers here in the middle of sixth grade.

Known AttendeesEdit



  • Ritsuka and his friends are in sixth grade; though Yayoi is in a different class then Ritsuka and Yuiko
  • It appears that Hitomi Shinonome's class, 6-3, is on the second floor
  • Youji Sagan and Natsuo Sagan began attending school here after Ritsuka and Soubi Agatsuma returned from Seven Voices Academy
  • The school seems to be lacking security, because Soubi, and Breathless were both able to roam the building unnoticed. Also, Soubi was able to wait outside for Ritsuka without being detected
  • The school's name is mentioned once in the series by Hitomi in volume six's chapter six