Natsuo (left) and Yoji (right) Sagan of the male Zero pair


The male Zero pair is also referred to as the second generation of the Zero series as there is a previous Zero pair. Like the other Zeros they do not feel pain; however, as they are younger, they have less battle experience. This was seen when they were defeated by Soubi when he lowered the temperature in their fight. When he did the same with the older Zeros, they realized what he was doing while younger Zeros just admired the snow. Like Soubi, they go to Seven Moon Academy and are under Nagisa like the other set of Zeros. Later, they go to the same school as Ritsuka.

Battle StyleEdit

The male zeros hate following the rules, and evident in their fight against Soubi, will break them during battle. Their spells are strong and precise. Since they feel no pain they focus more on offense than defense. Unfortunately due to their lack of experience and arrogance they are not cautious of their surroundings in battle which is how they are defeated by Soubi.